Overcomers, How to Change Your Life in 31 Days!

Dr. Josiah is delighted to announce the release of his first book entitled—Overcomers, How to Change Your Life in 31 Days! This compelling 31-day guide, written to help everyday people achieve extraordinary success, will be released during the 2015 General Conference Session of Seventh Day Adventists in San Antonio, Texas from July 2nd through the 11th. Overcomers will be available in print, all eBook formats, Audio Book, and on three-part audio CD as well.

With Overcomers, you can now start your day with daily topics that activate your passion, ignite your purpose, and inspire you to accomplish your goals. Overcomers will even motivate the ambitious and goal-oriented individual who may have lost their drive but is seeking a way back to achieving their life’s purpose again. It’s your time, it’s your turn, and it’s your year to become all that you can be! Get ready, Overcomers is on it’s way!

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