Overcomers 3-Disc CD Set


Overcomers 3-disc CD set is your daily companion to help you activate your purpose with passion, reignite your dreams, and inspire you to accomplish your goals in pursuit of your destiny. This 31-day guide will motivate you to define actionable steps that will lead you to accomplishing your dreams. It’s your time, it’s your turn, and it’s your year to become all that you were made to be!

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Overcomers is a 31-day motivational guide that provides a practical approach to overcoming life’s obstacles within a spiritual framework. The Overcomers CD set provides an alternative to the printed edition. The 3 disc CD set inspires the listener by providing essential principles that are discussed in the printed edition. The CD set is designed for individuals who desire to start their day by listening to topics such as willpower, decisions, purpose, attitude and faith; topics that are intended to ignite the listener’s dreams with passion and confidence, enabling them to discover their voice, awaken their purpose, and ultimately achieve the dreams that God destined just for them. What makes this 3 disc CD set unique is the engaging discussion that is presented in the actual voice of the author, revealing his passion, commitment, and deep-seated emotion that led to his success today. Listen whily Dr. Josiah transforms your life in 31-days.


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