Every day, millions of people wake up to confront the same giants that defeated them yesterday, and today, many rush into their day without a decisive plan for securing victory tomorrow. While there are some things in life that are beyond one's control, many are within your grasp. All that is required is a little effort each day, the expense of which will go a long way in shaping the outcome of your circumstance and ultimately change the direction of your life. Overcomers is a 31-day 3-part CD collection that provides a practical approach to overcoming life's obstacles within a spiritual framework. Overcomers provides an engaging discussion against the backdrop of failure and underachievement. Presented in the format of a daily devotional guide, Overcomers outlines the steps that are needed to overcome life’s obstacles on your way to achieving lasting personal success. For the next 31 days you will glean insights through topics such as willpower, decisions, purpose, attitude and faith; topics that are intended to ignite your dreams with passion and confidence, enabling you to discover your voice, awaken your purpose, and ultimately eclipse your dreams with the destiny that God has prepared for you. 


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